Learning Through Play: The classroom is informally arranged into areas of interest such as blocks, dramatic play, cozy corners with loads of books, puzzles, sensory tables, art, science, and many other activities. Children are free to play and discover their surroundings while having fun and interacting with their friends and teachers through centers and long-term projects. Children gain hands-on experience with academics through real-life learning.

Creative Expression:  Each classroom has opportunities for individual creative expression and exploration of art materials. Musical instruments are available to children all day for both free-form and guided music making, allowing them to experiment with rhythm, tempo, and movement. Art centers are stocked with paint, paper, crayons, chalk, colored pencils, scissors, playdough and other materials for children to create their own artwork. Children strengthen communication skills, fine motor abilities, identity, and self- esteem when allowed creative expression. Preschoolers visit the Open Art Studio to experience open-ended and process-based art exploration using a variety of art mediums and materials. Children create their own works to express themselves and communicate through art.

Math & Science:  To help your child become familiar with number concepts, frequent counting of objects is routine. Learning about shapes, space, and time relationships are incorporated into the curriculum throughout the day. Children are also encouraged to experience the world around them using their five senses.

Language & Literacy: Early literacy is very important at the RECC. Naming objects and encouraging conversations are a big part of the day as your child learns to master verbal communication. This is achieved by reading books, utilizing American Sign Language, storytelling, role play, puppetry, speech games, and show-and-tell.

The Outdoor Classroom:  Our outdoor space becomes an extension of our classroom by bringing learning materials outside. Art activities, blocks, puzzles, dramatic play, and books are added to the playgrounds. Similarly, we bring natural elements into our classrooms to foster a connection with nature as well as an understanding and appreciation of the benefits we gain from our environment.