Why Choose RECC?

Qualified Teachers

Throughout the year, the teachers at RECC receive child development training from Child Care Solutions, our licensing and resource agency, and local colleges. In addition, teachers attend a variety of seminars presented by education and health care professionals. Our lead teachers are all trained and quali ed in the area of early childhood development in which they are teaching. Many of our staff have been with RECC for more than three years; some staff members have been here since we opened.

Quality Programming

Whether your child is six weeks old or five years old, our programs are designed to meet their needs and level of development. We believe that every moment is a learning opportunity and we take the time to help each child reach their full potential.


Our programs and curriculum are inspired by the Reggio- Emilia Approach and are devoted to meeting the needsĀ and interests of both the individual child and the entire group. The classes follow a daily schedule that includes developmentally appropriate planned activities, physical activity and outdoor play, as well as free play and time for a healthy lunch, snacks, and rest.