Health & Safety

Health: All children have a variety of physical activity experiences daily and are provided with nutritious meals to instill healthy habits. Each class goes to our gym daily where they run, kick, throw, and tumble in addition to their scheduled outside time. A healthy morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack are provided and served family style to promote trying new foods, proper portion sizes, conversation, and manners. We try to be sensitive to your child’s food allergies and we do not serve peanuts or nut-based products. We offer a soy nut butter as a healthy substitute.

Safety:  The safety of your children has always been a paramount concern. The RECC has state-of-the-art video cameras that allow us to monitor entrances, hallways, and other areas in the building. Our doors are kept locked and visitors must buzz in to be admitted.

All our staff wear photo IDs and have been trained in emergency procedures. Visitors are required to stop in the office, sign in and wear a visitor’s badge. If the need arises, we ask for photo identification. A “safety pick up” policy is in place to ensure your child is picked up by the person or people whom you have authorized.

Staff use an intercom system and walkie-talkies to communicate with the office throughout the day. These procedures have proven very effective over the years. At the RECC, your child’s safety always comes first.